Water Damage

Basement Water Damage


Water can cause severe damage to almost anything. Your belongings, items, documents, and your entire home. Common problems include water logging for your carpets and furniture, the destruction of electrical equipment, damp seeping into your building leading to subsequent mold, corrosion of other materials, degradation of documents, photos and other printed materials, discoloration of paints, damage to foods and much more. This can be highly traumatic if it results in the destruction of personal affects but it can also cost a huge amount of property damage – particularly for businesses that perhaps depend on certain tools and items. In some cases water damage restoration will be used in response to an obvious incident such as a burst pipe. In other cases though, water damage can be more subtle and gradual. If you have a leak or mold, then water damage can be caused by moisture on a less noticeable scale. This can still be just as dangerous however – potentially even leading to the softening of building materials which could lead to issues with structural integrity. You might not see the signs of water damage in your home or business initially but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there and that it isn’t potentially a big threat.

Basements are one of the main culprits of water damage. Your basement is a hot spot for moisture and water seeping in from teh outside can be a very big issue.

A basement with wet, moist, or damp spots can grow deadly mold and decay your home from the inside! A basement waterproofing system is designed to gkeep water and moisture out of your basement and home. Keeping a healthy home is important to you and yoru familly. A waterproofing system is usually the answer to getting rid of unwanted water damage.